Warminster Male Arrested For Sex Abuse Of A Pre Teen



by Alex Lloyd Gross

Aug 3, 2022

Dominic Leonadi, of Southampton Pa is facing serious charges, after he was arrested for allegedly molesting a small child,  that he was supposed to be watching.


It was back in 2015 and 2016 when Leonardi was watching a young girl. He was entrusted to keep her safe. Instead, according to police, he led her into the bathroom of  an apartment where the girl resided, in Warminster, Pa. .  He coaxed her to take off her clothes and then penetrated her with his finger, while he masturbated. He finished that act on the floor and told the girl she was not allowed to tell anyone ,or he would get into trouble.

On another occasion, he took the girl into her mothers bedroom and then took his clothes off. he then is accused of placing her hand on his penis and guiding her hand, in order to masturbate himself.  He again told the girl who was not older than seven not to tell anyone .

An arrest warrant was served and he was arrested today without incident,on charges of corrupting the morals of a minor, indecent sexual assault,  and related charges. He was arraigned and sent to Bucks County Prison under $50,000 bail.

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5 thoughts on “Warminster Male Arrested For Sex Abuse Of A Pre Teen

  1. I pray 🙏🏼 that this article doesn’t traumatize the victim any further.
    Good for you for exposing this monster.
    As a concerned parent, I just wonder the effects it could have on the child, if she were to come across it.
    Praying for the family & the victim. You stay strong 💪🏼

    1. This “monster” has a family dorm believe everything people are accused of this “monster” is my father you don’t him or his story you know nothing about anything so please keep your comments to yourself

    2. It’s all a fabricated lie. The mother had the same girl do this to her own father. Both times she violated a visitation agreement and then both time her children’s father got charged with this. She is is a drug addicted and is using the system to her advantage. And ruining a man and great father to his kids. He never ever watched her kid. And this supposedly happened with her mom in the next room (daytime) in a small apartment with other kids.

  2. There are 2 things inmates hate the most in jail. Snitches and child molesters. I promise you they’ll be waiting on him once it’s known why he’s there. And believe me other inmates always know why you are there. He deserves whatever he gets from the courts and from the other inmates

  3. Another thing why won’t the judge let his attorney let the jury know that she did this before? And that she was in a mental facility when her mother promised her freedom. I have no doubt Sarah Webster will prove his innocence. A lie is a hard thing to keep especially when we already found flaws in her testimony. This never happened the mother and sister are vicious drug addicts. All this cause he filed for more custody. Leonardi’s are a lot of things but child molesters are not one of them. Why is the judge not permitting his lawyer to let the jury know a few other things that are relevant to case? A man’s life is at stake .

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