Middletown Grange Fair Is Back For 2022

by Alex Lloyd Gross

The Middletown Grange Fair is back  and it’s open for business.  It’s the first one since 2019.  It seems smaller than before.   Some exhibits show for a year and are gone the next.    There were no antique machines in operation and no live blacksmithing  going on.  However, there was still plenty to do and see.


Amusement rides were plentiful, from giants slides to something a bit more thrilling that turns and spins, it is ready to be ridden when you show up. Another thing to ride are ponies. for $7.00 children can ride a pony, that goes around in a circle a few times.  A grange fair is all about animals and plants and there were plenty of animals to be found. Alpacas  are always a favorite and at time, people will bring an animal to be judged in a competition.

Alex Lloyd Gross photo Delaware Valley News.com A display of an old pick up truck at the Grange Fair.



It’s all about education. teaching  people of all ages about a specific animal, be it a bearded dragon, a turtle, or other farm animal. If you are interested in seeing the animals, you there are in the barns that are built on the property.  Towards the back of the grange fair, you will find two large tents. Inside are business displays , such as Fillman Lighting, they install decorative lighting on homes.  Government services like the Bucks County Sheriff  and recorder of deeds  have tables set up with information.



One table has multiple elected officials, as opposed to several different ones. However, they need to coordinate with each other so that at least one elected official is manning the table at all times the fair is open.  There are little trinkets being given away by the businesses ,  and government exhibitors. This includes pencils, hand sanitizer and  writing tablets.


Alex Lloyd Gross Photo Delaware Valley News.com A display of newer tractors at the grange fair.

The grange fair is known for food. Thursday through Saturday, there will be a chicken dinner. cost is $18.00 Get your tickets when as arrive, as they sell out fast. Don’t get left out.   If that is not for you, there are other food choices, such as Jamaican style food,  BBQ and regular hot dogs and hamburgers.


For more information, go to the fair website  The admission to the fair is free. If you get dropped off, or live close and walk, you pay nothing. Otherwise parking is $20.00 per car. If there is one person or 10 people in a van it is still $20.00. It is a fun thing to do and a great way to spend a few hours.