Name This Bensalem Catalytic Converter Thief Caught On Video

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Aug 25, 2022

Bensalem Police want to lend adjustable  bracelets to a thief.  He did not care about the fact that security cameras were recording him and he certainly did not care about the expense and inconvenience  he put his victim through.  This theft happened at 520 State Road  at a business called Stone World. This is near the border with Philadelphia.




It was about 11:30 PM when the thief entered the property. Catalytic converter thieves  are what many people call a “bottom feeder’ . This one showed up with a pipe cutter. He approaches a van, looks inside and then goes away. An older model blue Jeep Cherokee arrives on the scene a few minutes later. Then the thief steals the converter.


The thefts of catalytic converters are happening with more frequency and at times,  the thieves are confronted and beaten up by an angry vehicle owner.  Some of these owners are armed with bats or other means of protection. At times the thieves are rushed to a hospital, where they are arrested.



Police want to hear from you if you know who the thief in the photo is police want to hear from you. (215)633-3719



Alex Lloyd Gross
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