Suspect Sought For Violent Robbery Inside Northeast Gas Station

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Aug 25, 2022


It is was just after 8:30 AM on August 23rd 2022 when a black male walking into the  Red Lion Gas  station located n the corner of Roosevelt Boulevard and Red Lion Roads.  He parked his vehicle at a gas pump and made a small purchase inside. He then left, and returned a minute or so later and asked for a band-aid.  The clerk gave him one and he walked down the first aisle of the store and attacked a game of chance.



He started to beat the game and started to kick the machine violently, and twisting and turning it, while striking it with his feet.  Eventually, the suspect kicked a hole in the game machine and made off with the cash box which contained about $6000.00 The clerk stayed in his booth and called police.


The description was a black male with a black hoodie. The entire theft , along with the vehicle was captured on security video, which has not been released by police as of this date.  Detectives went to the scene, took fingerprints and are looking at video from around the area, as the male had to take his hoodie down at some point. There may have been a second person in the vehicle. They will be going to jail as well.