Oktoberfest Is Here At Canstatters

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Sept. 5, 2022

The weather is great,  it’s a wonderful day for a trip to the park.  At Canstatters , which is located on Academy Road at Willits Road in the northeast section of Philadelphia. It might not be a park but it is a park like stetting. It’s also  the spot to be this Labor Day weekend.   The German Club showcases food, beer and entertainment.






The family friendly event run until Labor Day evening. There is always something to do at this place. You can chat with old friends or made new ones while you eat your food or drink beer ( or soft drinks) under the large tent, or out in the open. Lots of food options to choose from.  For dinner, the obvious choice is something from the Fireplace Griil.  It is reasonably priced and  tastes great.

You can walk around and examine all of the souvenirs, from  hats and other clothing to custom made Halloween decorations. That, done right will take about an hour. Small children can play in a playground that is close by.  Children of all ages will appreciate the amusement rides  and games. from Johnson’s Family Amusements. There are scary rides and not so  scary rides.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley News.com Vendors sell hats and other items .

Parking is free but unless you arrive early,  you will have to find a spot on the street. Admission for one day is $10.00. You can get more information here, at the website.