Haz-Mat In Bensalem Industrial Park

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Sep 7, 2022

A tractor trailer, that employees o9f a nearby building say was operating in a reckless manner is the cause of a one vehicle traffic crash on Dunklsferry Road near Moore street in Bensalem Township.



The the incident happened, according to witnesses, when a tractor trailer driver tried to turn into a parking lot. He was not successful and slammed into a utility pole , cracking it but not knocking it down. The truck then backed off the pole and the driver went around the block. He then is alleged to have taken a turn too quickly, causing the truck to flip onto it’s side.


Injuries are said to be minor. The truck was carrying chemicals, which spilled and leaked . A hazardous materials incident was declared. It is unknown what the chemical was that leaked and no area businesses were affected with evacuations.