Philly Cops Using Cameras and Technology To Id WAWA Hooligans

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Sept 26, 2022

When a skating session at Rolling Thunder let out on the Roosevelt Boulevard,  police said about 100 juveniles descended en masse to the WAWA located at Tyson Avenue and Roosevelt Boulevard. This is right down the street from  the skating rink.  Once inside, the kids tore apart the store, scaring customers and employees. This happened over the weekend.

Some kids stole items, while others just tossed items and broke things. Police were called and the store was trashed. The only thing is that the actions from these criminals was captured on camera.  Multiple cameras.  Some customers, store employees and even participants themselves have recorded the incident and some of it has been posted to social media. Some has not and police said it is good footage.





Now police are going to use that footage to track down as many of the delinquents as they can.  The store is equipped with multiple security cameras that are very good with faces. According to police, a good number of the vandals got onto SEPTA buses to go home.  SEPTA buses are now equipped with cameras as well. detectives can track the vandals to their neighborhoods and with cooperation with schools, they can track down who is who.


When caught, they will be prosecuted as juveniles. The pile of destruction they left in their wake is anything but child’s play. WAWA has taken to closing  stores where crime is rampant. A similar incident took place in Roxborough and that store is closed during certain time periods.  WAWA  employees could not comment on that but  if they follow the trend, there is a good possibility that those store can be closed or have hours cut back.


This impacts jobs.  This impacts the community as well.  Imagine the motorist almost out of gas  and cannot get fuel because the shop is closed for a few hours.  Police have stated they will work to arrest as many of the juvenile delinquents as they can. Some appear to be as young as 10 years old.

Police said they will work with the skating rink and WAWA to avoid  similar incidents.


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3 thoughts on “Philly Cops Using Cameras and Technology To Id WAWA Hooligans

  1. This isn’t rocket science people to solve this issue the roller skating place needs to make these parents accountable have them sign up for a membership photo I’d of child and parents info to enter the facility and sign contract about behavior issues in the skating rink and surrounding businesses to share info with police ! Parents of these a-holes need to be accountable for the vandalism financially! Make parents take parenting classes pay fines etc and make these thugs do community service

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