Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion- On Lawsuits

Dear Friends,
       Were you working at Camp Lejeune, were you living in an area where toxic waste was dumped into the waterways, making their way into the drinking water? Have you been invited to join in a class action lawsuit for your pain, suffering, or loss? How many prescriptions come with warnings of side effects and how many pay settlements with money set aside for such lawsuits? It seems that we are living in a country that is aware that its citizens are put in harm’s way every day and is content putting a price on our pain, suffering, even death. We have massive recalls on cars that have defects that cause accidents, parts are replaced, free. Illegal drugs are pouring into our country killing countless men, women, and children, how many were brought into this country by our government to fund weapons for wars in other countries? The Government wants menthol taken out of cigarettes because it is hazardous to people’s health, yet it was the government that Ok’d putting menthol in to ease the breathing of coal miners suffering with what came to be known as “black lung disease.”
Alcohol during the prohibition years was poisoned by our government, 10,000 died in this attempt to stop drinking. How many mornings do we awaken turn on the news and hear of another (often multiple) shooting, what is the solution? Take the guns away from honest, law abiding citizens leaving them defenseless because if the good people turn in their guns the bad people will turn theirs in. And raise the price of buying and owning a gun, thus punishing the law abiding citizens. Does anyone really believe those who commit crimes with a gun care? Do you believe they will pay higher prices and taxes to own a gun or just steal them from those who own the honestly? Best yet, we should sue the gun manufacturers for making these weapons. Where does the blame lie? From toxic suffering and death to being shot, is money the answer lawsuits that make things right by putting a price on loss of health and life?
      Where does this money come from? Ultimately it comes from us the consumer, the taxpayer in the form of higher prices, raised taxes and more taxes paid for raised prices. But who truly is responsible for the suffering and death? How many knew the water was being polluted, poisoned and looked the other way, how many knew that their product would, even when taken or used as they were meant to be would cause harm? Are they ever held responsible or does money exonerate them from guilt? Well I plan to sue several women; Wendy, Betty Crocker, Little Debbie, Aunt Jemima, and Mrs. Butterworth, for my being overweight and another lawsuit blaming my fork, spoon, and knife as accomplices.


1 thought on “Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion- On Lawsuits

  1. I understand the sentiment and it would be great to be less litigous.

    Regarding the base, there’s a huge wrinkle. Lawyers have reported that base administrators became aware of poisoned water and, apparently, that water did not go to the higher ios, only or primarily to the grunts.

    Thise brave men and women signed up to protect us. Thenvery LEAST they had every right to respect is that their own leadership had their backs.

    You expect hostility from the enemy, not from your brothers and sisters in uniform. That breaks a sacred and critical trust service members need to have to maintain amy kind of morale or trust in their leadership.

    If legal action holds that leadership accountable and helps change that culture of betrayal, I’m all for it. It may save the lives ofnfuture service members.

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