Philadelphia Medical Students Rally For Abortion With Josh Shapiro

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Oct 23, 2022

Abortion is a key issue in the 2022 election. Since the United States Supreme Court overturned Roe V Wade, the abortion issue is now up to individual states. Doug Mastriano is going to ban all abortions regardless of the circumstances. He has said that. He has made it a cornerstone of his campaign.  He will sign into law any law restricting abortion.




Josh Shapiro thinks that a woman has a right to abortion and has vowed to veto any bill restricting abortion when he is governor. On Saturday, Oct 22, 2022  Shapiro  stood with female medical students outside Philadelphia City Hall.  It was a rally for abortion rights and there were speakers that went before a small crowd of about 250 people . They were doctors and medical students in the area.



Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware Valley Medical students speak during the rally.

A woman that is in danger of dying unless she gets an abortion is not permitted to have one according to Mastriano. In fact, If Mastriano is elected, he said he will seek to charge the female and her doctor criminally. If the female travels out of state,  then only the female will be charged. Federal funding is not permitted for abortion in Pennsylvania.  If abortion is made illegal in Pennsylvania,  women will be surreptitiously spirited out of state by abortion rights people said and the procedure will be done.


Shapiro stated that low income earners  and women of color need the services because of health complications that can arise.   People are left scrambling to figure out how to pay for the procedure.  While the doctors and medical students  spoke at length in favor of abortion rights,  those against abortion claim they are protesting for their jobs, to keep working. Josh Shapiro kept his remarks short. He wrapped up his remarks in about five minutes.


He then went into the crowd and posed for photos and signed a few questions. He then took questions from the press on any issue they asked about. Mastriano refuses to engage with the press and has only  recently started to allow media into his events..