Santa Gives Out Cash To People At Levittown Food Bank


by Alex Lloyd Gross

Dec 9, 2022

Everybody can use extra money this holiday season. For gifts, auto or home repairs or even to put towards medical bills.  That is why Eugene Epstein was at the Bucks County Community College  just off of Route 413. He was at the food bank giving out $100.00 bills to the people in line. He brought enough cash to handle 500 cars. This is not the first time he has done this.

The Opportunity Council has been running a food bank at that location for several years.  This is the third time that Epstein has been showing up giving away his fortune.  This year, he came by with Santa or one of his assistants and gave each car $100.00 . People that have been here before knew what to expect. Those that did not were shocked. They were  waiting for a box of food and walked away with extra cash, totally unexpected.



The food bank has been at this location for about three years. In January, they are moving to the Lower Bucks Public safety training Center off of River Road.  This college campus is named after Epstein.  It is unknown if he will continue his generosity next year. At least 500 people certainly hope he will.