Pennsylvania Attorney General Works With Ticketmaster To Sell More Taylor Swift Tickets.

Alex Loyd Gross/Delaware Valley File Photo of Attorney General Josh Shapiro.


by Alex Lloyd Gross

Dec 14, 2022

Taylor Swift is going to be on tour and the ticket prices are a king’s ransom. That did not stop those well heeled fans and those not well heeled from maxing out credit cards to purchase tickets to her shows at the Linc in May 2023.   As many know, when tickets went on sale there was more bad press for Swift and Live Nation as well as Ticketmaster.  Outrageous fees and costs. Plus many people waited hours and got bumped off line. They wound up with nothing.

Next week, more tickets will be put up for sale, according to Josh Shapiro, the State Attorney General. His office handles consumer complaints, and there were a lot of them.

One of the problems are the “pre sale” . This is a marketing play strictly designed to get more money. If you buy a fan club membership, you will get a code that will allow you to buy tickets  before those who are not members of the club.

Back in the day, concert tickets were on sale on a certain date and that was it.  At Ticketmaster locations throughout the region, people would sleep in parking lots or in their cars, waiting for the magical hour of 9;00 AM, when tickets would be placed on sale.  Roll call was held every three hours starting at midnight.  If you missed a roll call, you were off the list.  When a show was sold out, it was sold out.


Some of the biggest names in the business would draw people to camp out for concert tickets for days. The Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin, KISS and the Rolling Stones and the Who were the largest draws .

With this new code that was distributed for Taylor Swift tickets,  a few more people will be able to get tickets. “This won’t solve every complaint”, Shapiro said in a statement.