Licensed Attorney Steals From Elderly Father In Warminster

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Dec 15, 2022

Elderly family members will  often trust family to take care of them in their remaining years of life. That means they trust them and trust is a large word.   Diane Rohrman, a licensed attorney  in Malvern broke that trust and almost put her own father in the poorhouse.  A Bucks County jury convicted Diane Rohrman  of Malvern of stealing at least $169,000 from her fathers bank accounts.  She was named power of attorney and started dipping into the money almost immediately.

She would run up personal expenses on her fathers credit cards and then use his own money to pay them off.  She also  wrote $92,000 in checks to herself when she was not authorized to do so.  She did this 134 times. She also withdrew over  $35,000 in cash from her fathers accounts.



The entire debacle started when her elderly father, who lived in Warminster gave her power of attorney in 2016 when his wife died. For three years she raided the account and spend money that had nothing to do with her fathers care and benefit. In 2019 her father reconciled the account and found he was almost broke. He was 83 years old.  He walked into the Warminster Police Department and filed a complaint against his own daughter.

He daughter, Diane is a licensed attorney. She represented herself. in court.  Her license to practice law has been suspended, pending her arrest. She is expected to be disbarred.    Common Pleas Judge Stephan A. Corr deferred sentencing for 60 days, pending examinations.  He sent her to prison under $100,000 bail.

“A power of attorney is not a license to steal,” Deputy District Attorney Marc J. Furber said. “But stealing is exactly what the Defendant did when her father trusted her to take of his finances.”  “Financial exploitation of the elderly is often hidden and hard to detect,” Furber continued. “In this case, thanks to the hard work of a seasoned Detective and the courage of the victim to face the very daughter that exploited him, these crimes were brought out of the shadows. The evidence in this case was clear, and the jury’s verdict was unequivocal. We will continue to fight for and protect elderly victims here in Bucks County.”


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