Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion – On New Years Eve

Dear Friends,
      New Year’s Eve will be here tomorrow (as I write this column) are you ready? Have you been greeting everyone with a smile and a “Happy New Year” wish? Are you planning a big festive night out? A party at home with friends and loved ones, perhaps a quiet night for two at home, where will you be when “the ball drops?” Do you have old traditions that you keep; eat fish at midnight, burn a bayberry candle, perhaps you will open your door at midnight to let the year 2022 out and 2023 in. Will there be party makers; whistles, clappers, blow tickles? Party foods, maybe little hot dogs wrapped in bacon, cheese sticks, stuffed mushrooms, and of course chip and dip, pretzels, and nuts. Will you choose banging on pots and pans as you toast the New Year and kiss the one you love?
       What about your evening repast, will you dine out, dinner at a friend’s house, or intimate meal at home. Does tradition suggest a special menu, pork and Saur kraut, a fish dish, or a nice cut of your favorite beef? Will you visit memories of years gone by and those who are no longer with us? Let us not forget our New Year’s Resolutions; “I vow to” lose weight, exercise more, quit smoking, stop drinking, clean out the basement –attic – tool shed- the garage? Maybe a new hobby will be on your list, or you may choose to clean up your “Honey Do list”, read more, travel, and locate old friends and family. Whatever your resolution might be only you can make it happen, others may support your efforts but ultimately only you can do it. So set your goals reasonably, pursue them honestly, celebrate them modestly, and then apply this formula to your everyday life.
       However you celebrate, whatever your resolution, do it in good health and safety and have faith that it is a good choice. Believe in your goal, in yourself, and be sure it will make your life better. I hope that I may hit the lottery so I buy lottery tickets. I want to succeed in my life, to remain positive, happy, and spread happiness in everything I do. So, as I light my Bayberry candle, enjoy a special meal with those I love I will say a prayer for those working to keep us safe and free and another prayer for those who are alone, perhaps homeless and add one more resolution, I will share my good fortune with those who need a helping hand. Happy New Year and    May God bless.