Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion- On Pretzels and Mustard

Dear Friends,
       How many of you enjoy eating soft pretzels? The regular that used to be five for a dollar, the nuggets, or the large share size, did you buy from the vendor on the corner? My dad stopped on our way going over the Tacony Palmyra Bridge on our way to Ocean City, it was my first taste of the soft pretzel, I liked it plain, my parents wanted mustard (yellow mustard was the only choice of topping then) plain or mustard it was quite the treat. What do you put on yours?
Then, along came spicy brown mustard, I have come to enjoy mine with the brown spicy mustard. How about hot dogs, which mustard do you put on your hot dog yellow or brown? Again I like the spicy brown. I also like the spicy brown on my cheese burger but many argue that the yellow mustard is the only way to eat these great American treats. Everyone has their own favorite condiment and they feel very strong about their choice. One particular bar b q the debate was so strong that the two decided to settle the argument with squirt bottles of choice at ten paces. Two permanently stained T-shirts and two very irate wives later the issue was still unsolved, so what say you; Yellow or Spicy Brown?
       It seems the debate may rage on for years to come, brothers against brothers, mom’s and dad’s, even sister’s add their opinion. I have seen the time when a vendor not offering the spicy brown choice ended in no sale. Ham and cheese sandwiches, what is your choice here, yellow or spicy brown? One such debate included the following argument “Have you ever seen anyone pull up next to another car to inquire “Have you any yellow mustard?” Have you ever been at a picnic or Bar B Q when the hero arrived with the spicy brown mustard?
Mustard seems to be the only condiment that is capable of evoking such strong opinion, arguments that separate friends, siblings, spouses, creating a two condiment house. Yes the mustard debate just may never be settled, silly when you think about it, it’s just personal taste how someone enjoys eating these Americana foods. There are so many more important things in life like… “Hold it. Ketchup on a hot dog! What is wrong with you?”