Philly Auto Show Is A Bit Different This Year

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Jan 30, 2023

This weekend, if you were not attending an Eagles event, you could have been at the 2023 Philly Auto Show.  If was a bit different this year. First up was the expanded ride and drive was taking up a major plot of real estate on the main show floor.  This is where people are passengers in a vehicle that is driven around for about 90 seconds.  Big deal.  While the lines for this were steady, most people opted to drive themselves. For that, there were options both from Toyota and Jeep.  To many people, being a passenger while a professional driver is in control does nothing.



Ford was back, with their racer  reality game. It’s a cool ride for children and adults.  You control a “race car” through a sloppy  mud filled track. It’s all virtual reality and few get away without crashing at least once.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley Vi9ce Papale was at the auto show and signed autographs. He was also at the playoff game.



Most car manufacturers were there.  When you go, be prepared for sticker shock.  as most vehicles are upwards of $50,000 . There was a Mclaren  you could buy for $1.9 million. Take that on the street and you are guaranteed to have people all around your car.



This event used to have celebrities sign autographs, then they changed to athletes.  This year, Sixers players are sponsored by the Philly Auto Show., they are doing a Q&A.  GMC has Flyers players and Vince Papale  in their area and they are posing for photos and signing autographs.



If you like older cars, they have them as well for you there, many of them, in fact, enough to fill an entire exhibit hall.  This year the Philly Auto Show runs through February 5, 2023.