Two Car Crash In Bensalem Sends Car Into La Luna Dance Hall


UPDATE MARCH 8, 2023  police have charged The driver of the  vehicle that went  into the building was arrested and charged with DUI, with a blood test coming back to an amount over 0.8 percent. That test also found amounts of THC in his blood stream. He was identified as Tee Oxford Dweh  of Inlet Drive, in Bensalem

UPDATE FEBRUARY 8, 2023 Bensalem Police confirm that the driver of a VW Jetta was backing from a driveway on Bensalem Boulevard, when a westbound vehicle  clipped him in the rear. That westbound vehicle then veered out of control and slammed into the building.

The driver of the car that went into the building exhibited signs of intoxication and was taken into custody, for a blood draw. The driver has not been charged, pending results of the blood tests.

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Feb 4, 2023

A two vehicle crash on the 4600 block of Bensalem Boulevard  caused one car to smash through the wall and into the bar area of La Luna, which is a favorite catering hall In the area.

It was just after 7:00 PM when that car, traveling on Bensalem Boulevard towards Bridge Road, clipped another car in the rear, causing severe damage to the car, but minor injuries to  the occupants.  The striking vehicle driver over corrected after the impact and slammed into the side wall of the building.



Police said there were no injuries from the catering hall. It was not clear if they had an event going on at the time.  The driver of the vehicle that went into La Luna was given field sobriety tests and then taken into custody..

The interior of the business sustained serious structural damage, with part of the bar being pushed away. There is a gaping hole in the wall. No announcement was made about closure, or rescheduling of the events of the business for the foreseeable future.