Cops Look For Hoodlums That Robbed Woman In Center City

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Feb 10, 2023

The word “Hoodlum” or “Hoodrat”  is used to describe people that commit serious, violence against people or property.  They can be any color, any nationality or any gender. Four such individuals are now being sought by police after they robbed a woman on the 1800 block of Addison Street. She was minding her own business,when they rushed up behind her,  and started beating and kicking her.  It was all caught on video. It appears below.

Not only were the suspects brazen in doing this,  they were also stupid enough to take some of her property , like credit cards and use those credit cards in area stores.  Those stores have security cameras and they were caught on camera using those cards at the Rite Aid Store at Broad and Christian Street.  Robbing people can cause someone to be hungry and they were caught again using the credit cards of the victim at the Chipolte at Broad and Carpenter Street.  This robbery happened at 7:10PM on February  5, 2023.





Suspect #1: Black male in his teens, wearing ail black clothing with a white stripe across the back of the knee.
Suspect #2: Black male in his teens, wearing a black jacket, gray pants and dark sneakers.
Suspect #3: Black male in his teens with a cast on his left hand/wrist, wearing a black “The North Face” jacket, black pants and distinctive orange, white and black sneakers.
Suspect #4: Black male in his teens, wearing a black jacket, black and gray camouflage hooded sweatshirt, gray pants and dark sneakers.


If you have any information about this crime or these suspects, please contact:
Central Detective Division:
Det. Reynoso
DC 23-09-004631