Phila Police Look To Arrest Store Shooter In Logan

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Feb. 22, 2023

Phila Police want the public’s help in locating two people involved in a shooting on the 6301 Chew Avenue on Feb. 19, 2023.

Two people a male and female walked into the market and got into an argument over the lack of a can of gravy in  the store, police said.  As the argument grew in scale, the store manager approached the couple to ask them to leave. They put up a fight and the help of the store security guard was enlisted.


The female pulled a loaded  gun on the security guard and was quickly disarmed. The two were removed from the store and the guard gave the woman back her gun, unloaded.  As the guard and manager returned to the store,  the male  pulled a gun and fired one shot into the face of the store manager. The female also pulled a gun and tried to fire but her gun was unloaded, police said.



Now police want to find out who they are. During a press conference, police said the two were interacting with people in the store, which leads them to believe they are local. Captain James Kearney, of the Shooting Investigations Group said during the press conference.