Philadelphia Police Arrest Juvenile Hoodlums In Center City Attack

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Mar 10,2023

Philadelphia Police have arrested the majority of the juveniles they say are responsible for the brutal beating of a woman in center city.  Those arrested are between 11 and 14 years old. It was on Feb. 23 of this year that they attacked a woman at 15th and Chestnut Streets.  This was done for no reason.

Most of the juveniles surrendered with their parents. At this time, they will be facing charges as juveniles, authorities said. The woman suffered serious injuries after the  hoodlums knocked her down and struck her multiple times as well as kicked her in the head. Police said they expect to know the identities of all of the assailants shortly.

They are hoping they surrender as opposed to having an unwanted visit by heavily armed officers. The victim, speaking with other news media said she is forgiving and wants to give her attackers a second chance.


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18 thoughts on “Philadelphia Police Arrest Juvenile Hoodlums In Center City Attack

    1. Yes use them as examples. They have the brains to commit such acts. Put them in prison forget about the juvenile laws..I believe there will be large exits of people leaving phili. My sister left flew to Main. No crime there like Philadelphia. If your mayor had enough not to run again ,Then it’s time to go

    2. I would like to ask their parents would they like that to happen to them walking somewhere and being attacked by juvenile s We are no longer safe in this city

  1. I thank God she’s alive I believe the hoodlums should’ve been charged as adults to teach them to never do this to no one else in the bible it says beat the child these parents don’t punish they children that lady could of died I’m grateful she’s alive thank God.

  2. I heard the victim say on CBS News today that she is moving out of Philadelphia. She no longer feels safe just walking on a downtown street.

  3. My Issue is what are the parents doing when the children are running around like a pack of animals?
    How’s that a 11-year-old and 14-year-old are out in the streets?
    As a parent of 5 sons, there’s no way I wouldn’t know where my sons are,
    I think the parents needs to be held accountable just as well.

    To the parents, the street, Teacher, City Government, The State, none of these are responsible for your child,
    rather there’s a rec center playground, park whatever.
    You’re the parent and that child has been entrusted to you.

    I don’t go for the BS about the little black children not having anything to do.
    YOUR THE PARENT! You should have a better control of your child.

  4. Charge them as an adult.I am tired of these kids taking advantage of their age.I agree these are 13 and 14,where are their parents
    If I did this crime,my parents punishment will be worse than Jail time and we are not rich my parents worked but discipline and respect were the priority.we cannot be outside the house after 8 specially school days.
    Punish them…..

  5. These tree dwelling uncaged animals need to have the same beating done to them as they did to this poor innocent woman minding her own business. Ill be glad to volunteer as the first in liner to provide the inital beating.

  6. HOODLUMS…that’s a very racist comment. What did you call the white guy from Bucks County who stood over the police officer and killed him…I bet you not a HOODLUM and he was just or about to rob a store with his brother and a friend, who photos weren’t plaster over the news. However, if they were black it would have.

    What those kids did were WRONG and they should be prosecutor; however, use that term if you do again for all kids. I bet you didn’t call those kids on the mainline that jumped a boy, which was caught on video and on the new, HOODLUMS.

    1. No they called him a killer and a murderer much worse names then a hoodlum. And his picture was printed all over the news. The news calling them hoodlums did not cause these children to go out and assault someone. So making a big deal about what the news is calling them, just seems to me like you are trying to blame somebody else for this terrible crime. The word hoodlum has nothing to do with race.

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