Philly Male Convicted In Bucks County Court Of Illegal Gun Transactions

by Alex Lloyd Gross

March 14, 2023

Frederick Cornelius Brown, Jr., 62, of Philadelphia,  now has a criminal record.  He did not have one before and that allowed him to buy guns for people that could not.  Simply put, a convicted felon, or someone that beats their spouse or even a juvenile is not allowed to buy guns. So, for afee these people will so to someone like Brown, who will buy a gun for them.

Authorities said that Brown had been doing this service, called a straw purchaser, for over a decade. They found a firearm transaction going back to 2011.  At least 17 guns were traced back to him and three were recovered in unrelated criminal investigations, authorities said.

Many of the firearms purchases were Taurus G2C, 9mm pistols – a weapon frequently subject to illegal firearm trafficking due to its cost and availability.  Brown  had his trial before Judge Jeffrey Finley and he was convicted of 34 counts of illegally transferring firearms falsifying paperwork related to handgun sales.

Brown was remanded back to the Bucks County Prison to await sentencing.