Arsonist Wanted By Police For Setting At Least One Fire In Mayfair

by Alex Lloyd Gross

April 6 2023

The Dollar Tree on the 6100 block of Frankford Ave.  was destroyed by fire on  March 12, 2023. That you can read about here :  Before that,  on March 9 ,2023 about 1:00 PM a dumpster, outside of the store was intentionally set on fire. Security  cameras were nearby and captured everything.

The alleged arsonist arrived on a multi-colored bicycle. He spends about an hour around the dumpster, trying to set it on fire. You can see in the below video supplied by the city the dumpster starts to smoke and a firetruck arrives soon to put it  out.





The suspect on the bike  wobbles his bike a few times, on video. This could be an indication that it is a stolen bike or perhaps the male is unfamiliar with the bike.   Police would like to speak with him about the dumpster fire.

He has not been named in the March 12 conflagration.  If you know who he is,  police want to hear from you.

If you have any information about this crime or this suspect, please contact:
City Wide Arson Task Force:
Det. Ken Golczewski
DC 23-15-016918