Large Theft At Philadelphia (Franklin) Mills Mall

by Alex Lloyd Gross

April 13, 2023

A large theft of what was reported as jewelry   but now involved coins  took place in the parking lot of the Philadelphia Mills Mall.   A tractor trailer that had the goods stored in it reportedly was robbed. It is unknown at this time if the truck was moving or parked.






The rear doors to this truck were open and large containers that had coins in them were seen near the rear of the truck.  It is reported that the thieves saw police arriving and tossed handfuls of stolen goods around the parking lot,  in the hopes that officers would stay and protect the money, as opposed to chase after them.





This happened just after 9:00 AM today, near the Wal-Mart parking lot, nearest to Woodhaven Road.  Portions of the parking lot have been closed to traffic.   There are no word on any arrests or injuries.  Reports coming in from multiple sources are putting the value of the coins at almost $1 million dollars.


Multiple sources  including news paging sources previously went on record as having this theft involve diamonds. Police will release more information later.