Watch Video Of Children On A Bus Before They Turn Into Criminals

by Alex Lloyd Gross

April 14, 2023

A video has been released by the Philadelphia Police Department that shows three  males on the Route 23 bus at 3:20 PM.  Cameras are everywhere including on  buses.  These guys were presumably coming home from school.  It is unknown what they learned in school, but when  the citizenship class was taught, these guys either did not pay attention or were absent.  This incident took place on February 27,2023 but the video was just released today.





They spotted a victim and followed him off the bus. they surrounded him and told him: that this was a hold up.




Offender #1 then approached the complainant and stated, “I don’t want to make this hard and I don’t want to shoot you”, while motioning for the complainant to hand over his belongings. The complainant gave up his iPhone 13 and other items. The offenders fled eastbound on Willow Grove towards Germantown Ave. It is at that moment that they stopped being productive members of society and turned into hoodlums.

They got on the bus at Germantown and Chelten and sat near the victim.


If you have any information about this crime or these suspects, please contact:
Northwest Detective Division:
DC 23-14-010327

You can make it hard on them by calling in a tip if you know who they are.

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3 thoughts on “Watch Video Of Children On A Bus Before They Turn Into Criminals

    1. Debra I concur..our penial system is too lenient and this is why these individuals are consistently commiting offenses.

  1. I doubt that these three were EVER productive members of society. They are as useful as a cooling fan with no blades and a cut power cord. Two out of three of them will turn into lifers within the Criminal Justice System. This is what happens when there are no consequences for their actions because they know that they are A) Juveniles and B) They would just be released before the arresting officers can finish their processing paperwork.

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