Contropolis Is Here: A Plethora Of Pop Culture

by Alex Lloyd Gross

May 6, 2023

Convention season is here. In the spring and summer,  pop culture and autograph conventions  make the rounds and usually stop by this area. Basically, it’s a place where vendors and actors are gathered to sell goods and meet fans. It’s a great time and fans of television  movies can talk with the actors about their roles.


At the Philadelphia Expo center, in Oaks Pa, thousands will gather to attend Contropolis.   Inside, you can see cars from some of your favorite television shows, Batman, The Munsters and the Jetson’s, for example. Yes, the Jetson’s.  You can purchase masks, sample foods and check out some neat jewelry.




You can also meet some of your favorite, iconic actors and some up and coming ones as well.  Loretta Swit,  and Jamie Farr were together,  Farr said that when he got the part, in M*A*S *H “I had no idea I would wear a dress. I walked in and there it was”. He was a corporal in the Army  who wore the dress to get a section 8. Colonel Potter refused to give him one. When the show ended, he was promoted to Sgt. Loretta Switt was in charge of the nurses and had to constantly watch out for the doctors on the show who would .  Both are together during the convention and  will happily discus  details of the show with you.



Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley The crew of the Quick Stop can help you.
Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley Jo Armeniox poses for a photo .
Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley Kristin Minter .
Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley Corey Feldman take a second in between signing autographs, to pose for a photo.

Game show host, producer, manager Bob Eubanks has a ton of stories. He was a concert promoter and  remembered the time Elton John. Elton was not a fan of police and ordered the backstage cleared of cops, which Eubanks reluctantly did. When the concert was over, He detailed six uniformed officers at the bottom of the stage steps.




Corey Feldman is there, and he has one of the busiest lines, along with Carey Elwes. Elwes is best known as the pig headed scientist that was full of himself on Twister. He ignored everyone and died in the movie. He is ensconced in a booth that fans can enter for a one at a time experience.

There were pretty actresses there as well,   Jo Armeniox, who you may know from Boardwalk Empire and Beautiful Dreamer.  Check out Stacy Oristano, from Friday Night Lights and talk high school football with her. She is from Texas and that that show is real life to her.  Jenna Frank is a newer actress and she is very down to earth.  Her most recent work is Legends Of the White Dragon.

The convention runs until Sunday afternoon.  For more information,  go here. If you get there and find you forgot something, maybe the cast of Clerks can help you find it in the Quick Stop.

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