The Latest On The Mayoral Campaign Shooting

by Alex Lloyd Gross

May 9,2023

Police said that charges are not likely to be filed in the shooting death of a 46 year old male from North Philadelphia. He was shot yesterday, when he went canvassing for votes on behalf of Helen Gym, who is running for Mayor of Philadelphia.  The male was identified as Eddie Brockenbough from the 1700 block of North Master Street in Philadelphia.



Brokenbough and a 22 year old worker were on Church Lane working on the same team when they got into an argument. Police did not say what the argument was about, but Brockenbough pulled a gun on the 22 year old. That 22 year old had a permit to carry and  shot his fellow campaign worker one time under his left arm.



Helen Gym released a statement denouncing the shooting. It was unclear how long each male had been with the campaign. Neither male worked directly for Helen Gym but for OnePa,  The two males knew each other and there was always tension between them, police said. The two just happened upon each other, police said. Brokenbough ‘s gun was not registered to him. The 22 year old remained at the scene, was taken in for questioning and was released, police said.