Two Thugs Wanted In Connection With Armed Robbery Of Kensington Store

by Alex Lloyd Gross

May 19, 2023

Look up the word “Thug” in any dictionary and you can probably find these two males . They bashed through the  security door using an axe  while the other male held a gun on the cashier, when they were inside the store. It was a harrowing, frightening ordeal for someone just working the night shift, to put money in their pocket.

This happened about 2:25 AM.  May 17,2023 When the security door was breached, the other male kept his gun on the clerk, while his partner scooped up a whopping $750.00 and ran away south on 9th Street.  The entire robbery was caught on camera .Notice the two robbers are wearing masks when COVID is over. They are wearing gloves as well.

If you have any information about this crime or these suspects, please contact:
East Detective Division:
DC 23-25-029429