Male Shot and Killed At Unknown Location In Philadelphia

by Alex Lloyd Gross

May 28, 2023

At about 6:18 PM today,  police stopped a car for speeding at 57th and Springfield Streets.  When the car pulled over the driver and passenger got out and told the officer they were taking the male to the hospital. He had been shot.  They transferred the injured male into the patrol car and then the driver and passenger got back into their car and drove away.

It was a blue Nissan. There is no further description. Police have no idea who the male is. or where the shooting happened.  An officer in that predicament has two choices to make,  try and stop the other car and hold the occupants, or rush the shooting victim to the hospital,which is what he did.



Unfortunately, the male who was shot one time died . Police are investigating, trying to determine the males identity and the location of the shooting and circumstances around it.



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