Fake Money Scam Comes To Bensalem

by Alex Lloyd Gross

June 7,2023

Some scam artists are very good at getting people to part with their money. They come up will all kinds of tricks and scenarios, from your child was arrested and needs bail money, to “Microsoft” calling about computer problems.. Now there is a new scam.

The con artist will call a business where a young person  is working and identify themselves as a police officer.  The juvenile cashier is told they are in trouble for accepting counterfeit money and they need to take money out of the register to pay a fine.. They may also be told to drive to an ATM to get more cash for the “fine”. They will meet the “police” to pay the fine or turn over money for investigation or whatever the scammer thinks will work.

In Bensalem, a teenage cashier almost fell for it when a fake police lieutenant called her work on June 5, 2023. She was told to withdraw money  for the fine and she was in the process of going to an ATM,  when her father saw suspicious movements on her phone. He tracked her down and she kept her cash. She never met the scammer.




Bensalem Police would like this incident to serve as a reminder that there are many different kinds of scams being perpetrated by phone and that no police officer will ever call you to collect a fine. If you receive any type of suspicious call, please contact the Bensalem Township Police Department directly at (215) 633-3719 to verify if a police officer is attempting to contact you. If you are not in Bensalem, contact your local police.

Police will NEVER call you to collect a fine.