Bensalem High School Student Arrested For Threatening Teacher

by Alex Lloyd Gross

June 15, 2023

It’s one thing to disagree with a teacher about a grade. It’s quite another to threaten the teacher, yet that is exactly what happened yesterday, June 14.  A 15 year old student was not happy with her grade and made a threat against a teacher.



That teacher wasted no time in reporting the threat and police were called.They made sure the student did not have any weapons or access to weapons. They interviewed both parties  and then police said they called the district attorney to see what should be done. A recommendation was to file charges of Terroristic threats.



The name of the juvenile is being withheld due to her age.

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6 thoughts on “Bensalem High School Student Arrested For Threatening Teacher

  1. Really, Maybe if you study harder or Asked for Help? Stay Off the Social media and Put your Nose in a Book.
    How Stupid can you be ? don’t you Watch the News ? Do the Crime Pay the Time. Sad Child.

    1. Agreed. The kid has anger issues and obviously hasn’t received any help (which, sadly, most don’t!) The mental health system is so overwhelmed now there’s no help available

  2. It’s been happening for a long time. Not only in schools it’s all over. Shopping Malls, restaurants, etc. If you look at someone and they take it the wrong way there will be a problem. There is a major loss of respect for the police and people in general.

  3. The teacher did not report it. The teacher was not aware of it until Bensalem Detectives informed the teacher . The teacher was working closely with the guidance counselor and the parents for months prior to the alleged criminal solicitation.

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