Wanted For Airport Robbery In Philadelphia

by Alex Lloyd Gross

June 16, 2023

Philadelphia Police are looking to arrest the males responsible for stealing rental cars from the Philadelphia International Airport, in  multiple brazen armed robberies. Then caught, these thieves will do serious time in state and possibly federal prison, due to the fact that a gun was used.  It’s called a violation of the Hobbs Act. They have targeted most of the car rental companies at the airport, police said. .



The robbery works like this, several males will break into rental cars.  The first male drives up to the gate with the other cars lined up behind him. As he approaches the window, the thief points a gun at the cashier and threatens to shoot him unless he opens the gate. Once the gate is open, all of the cars then drive out.



The thief either is too stupid to realize he is on video or maybe he thinks his mask will hide his identity.  That is not necessarily true.  Take a look at the below video and see if you know this male or can tell where the stolen cars may be located at.  These thieves are cowardly and literally hide behind a male with a gun.  Police say they are a danger to society.

When caught, all of them are going to jail, whether they pulled a firearm or not.  They can expect a new home for several years  even if the gun was a toy or was not loaded.

Suspect Description: Black male, Early 20’s, Black hoodie, face mask and Handgun.

If you have any information about this crime or these suspects, please contact:
Major Crimes Auto Squad:
DC 23-77-002474