Juneteenth Celebrations Held All Around the Area


Photo by Alan Dumoff :Wyona Bridges, Lateesha Bridges, Quan Bridges all of Sicklerville NJ pose for a photo by the Juneteenth flag in Atlantic City.


by Alex Lloyd Gross

June 19, 2023

June 19 is the day that slaves were set free. This date recently became a federal holiday, with banks closed and no mail delivery.  In Philadelphia, some restaurants are closed for this holiday.  Some of those that do work are getting time and a half.


One thing that is not closed are food trucks and merchants selling Juneteenth merchandise during dozens of celebrations. Yesterday in Philadelphia, the largest Juneteenth parade in the nation was held on 52nd Street. Today, there is a celebration  outside on Arch Street near 8th Street.  The street is closed and thousands are waking around seeing the exhibits and visiting the African American Museum. Mayor James Kenney stopped by earlier in the day.




Festivities started over the weekend. In Atlantic City a small celebration was help at the Saint Monica Church. which was sponsored by the Camden County Archdiocese .


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