Police Clarify “Explosive Incident”

by Alex Lloyd Gross

June 21,2023

When 911 call takers  got a call about teenagers setting off dynamite in a grocery store, it set off a panic.  Word spread quickly that teenagers has tried to set off dynamite in the store. None of this was true. This was last night at the Fresh Grocer on the 5100 block of Chew Ave.

Today, police lead by Chief Inspector Michael Cram addressed those issues with the media. “It’s a non incident, there were no explosives, there is no dynamite and no one got hurt.Kids were in the store with the fireworks and they might have been trying to shoplift them. When the  store security got there, they ran, he said.


He described the fireworks as common class “C” pop its. “If you lit them they would not go boom,” Cram said.  He warned people around this holiday season not to play with fireworks. They would like to chat with the children involved about the dangers of fireworks.

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