Major Catalytic Converter Theft Ring Busted By Bucks County Detectives.

by Alex Lloyd Gross

June 27, 2023

They are scumbags. They are the type of people that you hope to read about in the obituary section of the newspaper. Just a slight nudge above child molesters and animal abusers. They are catalytic converter thieves. These thieves ride around with saws in their vehicles and when they come across a vehicle that meets the specs they are looking for, they cut off the catalytic converter with the electric saw in their vehicle. The victim is stuck paying thousands to get it replaced.

In order for a thief to be successful they need a person to buy the stolen goods. In this case, detectives say that source was TDI Towing from 2335 Wheatsheaf Lane in Philadelphia. They were allegedly  paying up to $10 grand a day for people that walked in with catalytic converters. They dealt in cash.  It is doubtful that they or  the people that received the money  reported this money to the IRS.

The people that  allegedly cut the converters from cars  included Michael Evangelist, 35, of Philadelphia; Anthony Davalos Sr., 43, of Philadelphia; Richard Allan Page, 39, of Warminster; and Gary Shirley, 48, of Hatboro, police said..



This investigation found that TDI Towing had been in the business of buying catalytic converters for at least three years, and during that time they bought an average of 175 catalytic converters a week, or 27,300 during those three years. TDI employees paid an average of $300 per catalytic converter, for a total of nearly $8.2 million during the three years.
The investigation found that TDI Towing was operated by Michael Williams, 52, of Philadelphia. Most of the organization had some family connection to him. Employees at the tow yard included his sister-in-law Lisa Davalos, 47, of Philadelphia; Eric Simpson, 41, of Philadelphia; Michael Bruce, 30, of Sewell, N.J.; Kevin Schwartz, 33, of Philadelphia; Patrick Hopkins, 24, of Philadelphia; and a 17-year-old-juvenile. Every week, and sometimes more than once a week, Williams would take the catalytic converters from TDI Towing for resale and profit at another location, the investigation found. He took about 50 catalytic converters per trip.

The FBI has been notified and could possibly charge TDI under Federal RICO or other federal statures, ensuring this place gets put out of business.

This investigation went to The Bucks County 20th Investigating Grand Jury , which recommended charges of corrupt organizations, criminal conspiracy, dealing in proceeds of unlawful activity, and related charges against most of the organization. Those charges were approved by Supervising Judge Raymond F. McHugh.
The nearly yearlong investigation, led by Detectives with the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office, resulted in the charging of a Philadelphia tow yard, along with 10 adult individuals and one juvenile. Three dozen local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies in Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Philadelphia, and New Jersey took part in this collaborative investigation.

Taking a catalytic converter is a process that lasts about a minute.  Sometimes a vehicle owner catches them in the act and at times “cutters” have been shot  or maimed in the process by vehicle owners. A vehicle owner in Southampton opened the skull of a thief with a baseball bat when they were caught in the act  You can read that story here.
Bucks County Detectives are attempting to locate Richard Allan Page. If anyone has seen him, please contact Bucks County Detectives at 215.348.6354 or

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9 thoughts on “Major Catalytic Converter Theft Ring Busted By Bucks County Detectives.

  1. So happy they got some of these scumbags off the street. Hopefully they can get them to pay back People, who’ve had their stolen like mine they cut off. Thank you Bensalem police 💙

    1. You are one of the lowest form of scum, in addition to scammers, child molesters and murderers….I hope you get stuck cleaning toilets,and the worst jobs around…You have ruined so many peoples lives, including mine twice, cutting the converters cause you have no morals…you have increased insurances, made life difficult for honest people to take care of themselves and their families while you thought you were wonderful…I wish I could see each one of you and deal with you cause now you aren’t tough at all…i hope they make you clean trash trucks and toilets for the rest of your lives cause that’s what you deserve…THANK YOU OFFICERS FOR A JOB WELL DONE

    1. when that “someone else” is the one buying them, yeah, bring both of them down. you have to be an absolute scumbag to buy stolen catalytic converters

  2. Oh yes those bastards got my vehicle no doubt! I hope they fry for a long ass time!!! Thank you to all authorities involved who worked so diligently on catching those scum thieves!! I despise liars and thieves

  3. “Just a slight nudge above child molesters and animal abusers.” Was that supposed to be funny???? Where the hell do you find these people who write these “news articles”? Is there no such thing as professionalism anymore ?

  4. Seriously??? You compare thieves to child molesters? I wonder if any of the commenters have ever stolen anything? Hypocrites! These will get their time in court but this comparison is irrational. Stealing an object that does not beling to you is one thing, but violating the innocense of a child who cannot defend themselves is something entirely different. What’s worse, hitting a parked car in a parking lot with your car and fleeing or hitting a pedestrian with your car and deciding not to stop and lend aid? There is a huge difference, don’t you think? Both are wrong but they cannot be compared to even remotely being similar in offence. What’s wrong with you people? Unimpressed. This is gross jounralism, to cheapen the sexual assault of a child and compare it to theivery.

  5. How can someone in office write that they deserve to be in the Obituary section it’s a joke and to compare them to rapist and child molesters it’s a joke bust those they cut them but as the buyer it’s a joke no one says anything when the big man is buying out neighborhoods to build Housing for people that can’t even afford it they’re from that area it’s a joke

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