Philly Police Release Mug Shot Of Mass Shooting Suspect

by Alex Lloyd Gross

July 5 2023

Philadelphia Police released the mug shot of Kimbrady Carriker from the 5600 block of Belmar Terrace. Other news sources were using social media photos of him. This is the official  mugshot of him.  Police still have no motive as to why this male would take a gun and shoot complete strangers at random.  Police said there is no apparent connection to Carriker  and his victims.

It was on July 3, 2023 that he had an AR-15 and walked down the streets of Southwest Philadelphia shooting people. By the time the carnage was over, four people were killed and four others were injured, including a two year old boy.



Police identified those killed as

Lashyd Merritt, 20/M, from the 5500 block of Greenway Ave., shot multiple times in the chest and arm, pronounced at 8:43 pm.: Dymir Stanton, 29/M, from the 1700 block of S. Frazier St., shot in the chest and back, pronounced at 8:43 pm. Ralph Moralis, 59/M, from the 1700 block of S. 56th St., shot in the head, side, and buttocks, pronounced at 8:47 pm., Daujan Brown, 15/M, unknown residence, shot in the shoulder, chest, and back, pronounced at 8:40 pm and Joseph Wamah, Jr., 31/M, from the 1600 block of S. 56th St., shot multiple times, pronounced at 12:34 am by PFD medics.

Police have charged Carriker with five counts of murder, weapons offenses and assault. He he no permit to carry the gun he used.  Police did not say if he was on any kind of drugs at the time of the shooting.  He is held with no bail.