Bensalem Police Look For Errant Biker




by Alex Lloyd Gross

July 18, 2023

Too many times, a cop will see someone riding a motorcycle or dirt bike in an illegal manor. They may blow through stop signs or maybe the rider knows his paperwork is not valid, so they speed away from police. This may work in some jurisdictions but in Bensalem, the police have other tactics to get the motorist that does not involve a high speed chase.




They will procure video from cameras  of the rider and make that public .  The general public is fed up with reckless drivers  and will help police identify the rider. This happened twice in the township. They are hoping for a third time , after the biker in the above photo sped from officers on Route 13This happened today   The biker turned down Wildman Ave. where the officer lost him.



If you know who he is or where the bike is stored, police want to hear from you (215 )633-3719

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3 thoughts on “Bensalem Police Look For Errant Biker

  1. What is the source of this photograph? It does not look to be original or authentic. I suggest you remove it from your website until further video evidence and more clear imagery is presented, and made public. They already know who the rider is. So there is mo reason to have the story up. Take it down, now or face legal action for the liblest story’s you so unimaginatively scavenge to waste people’s time and rot their brains. Your the issue, jealous of the freedoms a motorcyclist enjoys, putting only his own life in danger 9 out of 10 times. Fake ass news faggit. You couldn’t video good news even if it was happening right in front of you. Let alone wright about the shit.

    1. *write plus:

      your derogatory attempt as an insult is spelled incorrectly. I’ll leave it up for all my readers to see and enjoy. They can also pick out your other errors. Thanks again for reading our STORIES.

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