Philly Police Still Looking For Car Jacker Killer

by Alex Lloyd Gross

July 24 2023

Philadelphia Police know who they are searching for. Rasheed Banks, a 15 year old  juvenile who is suspected on being involved in the killing of a male who had come to the aid of a friend on July 12th. They were being car jacked, allegedly by Banks when shots rang out and killed the friend, identified as Michael Salerno.




This 15 year old is not even allowed to drive legally.  He was caught on video on the night of July12 th and now police want to catch him in person and arrest him. He will most probably be charged as an adult in the murder, even if he did not have a gun .He was there, at 12th and Porter and inside a car that circled the block waiting to car jack the victim. He was not alone that night.




Someone knows where Banks is hiding. He is a fugitive and a wanted person. Anyone that aid him in staying free will face charges as well, police said.  Should you provide information on his location, you can get a $20,000 reward.

If you have any information about this crime or these suspects, please contact:
Homicide Unit:
Det. Campbell #724
DC 23-03-027507

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