Bensalem Police Bust Another Alleged Chomo

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Aug. 3,2023

The term “Chomo” is prison slang for child molester.  Prisoners doing time do not like other inmates that are serving time for child molestation, or animal abuse.  35 year old Eliseo Carabalo, from Kintnersville PA is going to find that out.

Back in mid July, Caraballo is accused of messaging what he thought was a 12 year old girl via a social media app. When the police decoy posing as a 12 year old girl made sure he knew that the person Caraballo was chatting with was 12 years old, he is accused of allegedly continuing his messaging.

In fact, according to court documents, it gets worse, Caraballo allegedly asked for naked photos of the 12 year old and allegedly took photos of him ejaculating, and sent them to the girl. He told her that he wanted to be her first lover and explicitly detailed sexual things he would do with her, police said in court documents.






Caraballo and the decoy agreed to meet up at the home of the 12 year old in an apartment near Trevose.  Instead of the 12 year old, there were multiple police waiting to take him into custody.

Caraballo had six condoms and a lollipop on him when he was arrested. He is charged with rape of a  child, unlawful contact with a minor, child pornography and related charges, police said.