Bensalem Father Arrested For Raping Daughter In Southampton

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Aug 4, 2023

Lower Southampton Police have arrested Corey Jones who has an address in Bensalem with rape of a girl that is four years old.  This four year girl was his daughter and she was  smart enough to know that her fathers behavior was wrong and she was brave enough to tell another adult.

According to court records, the father and mother of the girl live in different addresses. Jones would watch his daughter when the mother would leave.  The mother never knew the abuse was happening. Court records show that he would allegedly take his daughter to a bedroom and get naked  and she would get naked.  There was touching and Jones would use his daughter to fulfill his sexual encounter, calling it “special pee pee”. He then admonished her about telling anyone.




Child and Youth services were called and interviewed the child.  It is unknown of the exact date of the assault but at some point, Jones spoke to  health professional about this  and allegedly told them about the assault. They notified police who interviewed Jones.   At that point, court records indicate that Jones confessed to inappropriate touching and allegedly admitted to doing this three times.



An arrested warrant was issued and Jones is charged with Rape Of A Child,  Corruption of the Morals Of a Minor,  Assault and related offenses. Jones was held on $1,000,000 bail.