Watch Three Criminals Do Walk Of Shame After Failed Philly Carjacking

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Aug 10, 2023

Criminals sure are stupid. Like the three males pictures above or in the video below.  They got out of the subway, near city hall and were caught on camera. They were also caught on camera walking down the streets in center city. Had they just went about their business, you would not be reading this.







They decided to prey on a male making a delivery on the  800 block of Perkiomen Street when the  three unknown black males approached him. Suspect #2 pulled out a handgun and ordered the complainant from his car.  The male told them where to go and the three skunked away empty handed. They got nothing and ran away like cowards.

Now they have charges filed against them, police just have to identify them.  Since armed  car jacking is also a federal offense, these three could also face federal charges.



Suspect #1: Black male wearing all black clothing.
Suspect #2: Black male wearing a New Balance sweatshirt, dark pants and was armed with a handgun.
Suspect #3: Black male with dreadlock hair, wearing a tan Essentials sweatshirt and dark pants.