Another Retail Theft At Bensalem Kohls

by Alex Lloyd Gross

The Kohls store on Street Road is not in Philadelphia. It is in Bensalem, Bucks County. Lately, there have been several reports of shoplifters walking out of that store with high value unpaid merchandise. Bucks County prosecutes for retail theft. The store got hit again, this time on August 25, 2023 and this time it was a male and female that walked out with over $700.00 in unpaid goods, police said.

The store has good security cameras and police released images of the thieves today. They escaped in a dark colored car. Police would like to hear from you if you know who these two are, or where they are. You can call (215) 533-3719.

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3 thoughts on “Another Retail Theft At Bensalem Kohls

  1. You may need to put a salesperson in the door asking fir receipts and a panic button to call security/police.. these people disgust me but you need yo stop being an Easy Target.. no pun intended!

  2. Any chance security is so busy staring at blacks that they end up ignoring the white shoplifters? I’ve seen it in stores because I get shadowed while I watch whites shoplift. I’ve even pointed out white shoplifters to clerks who shrug their shoulders, nodding when I note that a black person doing the same thing wouldn’t have been ignored. White shoplifters have even admitted it’s easier to “get away with it” when there are blacks in the store because regardless of what the blacks are doing, security will be focused on them solely because their black

  3. With all the thieves in local stores, they need more than one security person on duty. These people or person are very bold and brazen to just walk out of any store with stolen goods over their arms. If it’s not stopped we will end up paying for the company’s loss. It’s not safe to shop anywhere for us paying customers.

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