No Migrant Shelter In Atlantic City, Says AC Mayor

by Alex Lloyd Gross

The city of New York is welcoming migrant by the busload. They want them so much they fill up the streets and now the city has taken to closing down luxury hotels and putting them in there. Once in there, they destroy the place, say workers. Guests and visitors are not allowed into the hotel, which is now a migrant shelter. Some sleep on the streets and others commit crimes, officials say.

They have nowhere to put them and someone came up with the idea to send them to Atlantic City. Officials there, including Mayor Marty Small bipartisan members of local government oppose this. They do not want this area to turn into another NYC. They held a news conference to voice their displeasure over the idea.

“I’m happy to stand in solidarity with my fellow Atlantic County mayors and elected officials. The initial report I read stated that the migrant hub would be in the Great City of Atlantic City, which I am extremely against. Later on, I found out that the hub would be at Atlantic City International Airport which is located in Egg Harbor Township, just ten miles from Atlantic City. The Great City of Atlantic City can relate to outside municipalities practicing ‘Greyhound Therapy’ in which they give people a one-way ticket here that ultimately contributes to the homeless and drug problem we are facing. This is a fine example of crossing party lines for the greater good of our county, but I want us to keep this unity and same energy and stand in support of Atlantic City as people continuously dump their less fortunate in this great city.”

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