Bucks County Dental Office In Trouble With PA Attorney General

HARRISBURG– Attorney General Michelle Henry announced a lawsuit against a Bucks County-based dental group for misleading patients — many of them seniors — into obtaining loans for procedures, and then failing to provide patients with notice of their rights.

The lawsuit is filed against Infinity Dental Management, LLC — which also does business under the name Alpha Dental Excellence — its owner/operator Arpan Patel, DMD, and employee Cheryl Snyder.

According to the suit, the defendants misled patients into believing Medicare, or private insurance, would cover dental services — when, in fact, those services were not covered. The defendants also failed to notify patients of consumer rights and protections while charging fees for third-party loans.

The alleged practices are in violation of the Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law. The lawsuit seeks to ban Alpha and affiliates from offering dental and credit services in Pennsylvania, as well as payment of consumer restitution and civil penalties.

“This business lured older Pennsylvanians into their office with free dinner events, lied to them about whether their insurance would cover their care, and then enticed them to take out loans without notifying them of the specific terms and conditions,” Attorney General Henry said. “Patients who needed care suddenly found themselves saddled with tens of thousands of dollars of debt they could not afford. This lawsuit seeks to recover hundreds of thousands in ill-gotten gains as well as impose civil penalties to the full extent of the law. We are also asking anyone else who fell victim to this scheme to contact our office.”

Consumers who believe they or someone they know may have been a victim of Alpha Dental can file a complaint with the Office of Attorney General’s Healthcare Section at www.attorneygeneral.gov, call 1-877-888-4877, or email he********@at*************.gov.

During the investigation, the Office of Attorney General coordinated with the Pennsylvania Department of State’s Prosecution Division, which prosecutes cases before the state’s licensure boards, including the State Board of Dentistry. On August 31, 2023, the Department filed administrative charges against Patel that cite cases where patients were misled about Medicare covering their dental services at Alpha Dental and where records were not provided after a patient requested them.

The administrative case could result in the suspension, revocation, or restriction of Patel’s professional license to practice dentistry, as well as the imposition of civil penalties.

“The Department of State’s Prosecution Division plays an important role in protecting Pennsylvanians from fraudulent and unethical practices,” Secretary of the Commonwealth Al Schmidt said. “The Department of State began investigating this licensee because of several complaints of unprofessional conduct, and I am proud of the joint efforts of the Department of State and the Attorney General’s Office.”

From January 2015 through August 2022, Alpha assisted patients in applying for approximately 5,329 loans, totaling at least $10,195,487 (the total number is unknown). Some patients had loan applications submitted on their behalf without their knowledge or consent. Others tried to cancel their loans immediately and were assessed exorbitant cancellation fees charged by Alpha Dental.

Alpha also charged fees upfront attached to the loans — and failed to notify patients of their rights under the Credit Services Act. Alpha collected over $500,000 in those fees while violating the Credit Services Act, according to the lawsuit.

Additionally, Alpha misrepresented the price of their services. One patient paid $15,000 for dentures, and upon picking up the dentures, the patient was told he needed to pay an additional $4,176 to receive the dentures.

The lawsuit asks that the Court determine the full restitution amount for all consumers impacted by Alpha Dental, and a civil penalty of up to $1,000 for each violation of the Consumer Protection Law — up to $3,000 for each violation where the victim was 60 years old or older. 

This lawsuit was filed by Deputy Attorney General Tyler Ritchie and Chief Deputy Attorney General Geoffrey Hale.


4 thoughts on “Bucks County Dental Office In Trouble With PA Attorney General

  1. Cheryl Dirty snake
    They charged me over 2000 for work i didnt have done and now my credit is shot because care credit Cheryl opened and charged it and i never had the work done

    1. I’m extremely sorry that happened to you. I dealt with Alpha Dental myself on 2 occasions, and it was for tooth extractions. The first time they wanted to put me through. I believe it was care credit, but I went with something else called Eye care because I further looked into care credit and it’s connected to Comenity Bank which I believe is very disreputable. I am now seeing some serious complaints against I care itself, and I’m wondering if the Attorney General is including this company on this.

      Have you spoken with care, credit or anyone affiliated with this? On this matter question, maybe you can contact the Attorney General’s office and tell them your situation.

      1. Jackie did you contact the Attorney General? Don’t let them get away with it. They have been doing this crap for years when his father Dr. Patel owned Fairless Hills Dental.

  2. Why only civil charges this sounds more like criminal matter. Theft is a theft as much they stole from people many senior citizens that makes it even worse yet felony charges should be on this docket. Also there license pulled and jail time. To do this to our seniors on a fixed income that can not already make it on what they get due to skyrocket inflation makes it already having them to chose can i get food our heat there homes. Im already sicked by our leaders and how they just look as this to be civil. This is how you thank a Vet. who was willing to sacrifice it all many did. This is not justice this is just another way to help the elite get away with a crime. Im not only sorry for all who are helpless victims being our senior citizens may my voice be for those who can not. Shame on you for bulling my Mom Mom My Pap My Mom And My Dad !!!!!!! Hope Yours Read This.

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