Free SEPTA Rides For All Eagles Games

Eagles tickets are expensive. So is parking. The average price for parking at the stadium complex is $45.00. You might find a lot cheaper but it is farther away. About a half mile away, it is free parking but you are far away from your car. Tailgating is only permitted at the Eagles Stadium, lots M and N and maybe some spots around the lot across the west side of the street. The arena is owned by a bank.

SEPTA has a way for the majority of fans to get to and from the game cheaper. Since most fans do not tailgate, they ride the train, starting at halftime on every Eagles home game SEPTA is giving free rides on the Broad Street Line. However, according to John Golden, SEPTA spokesperson fans have to enter at the NRG Station, ( Formerly Broad Street). Fans that wish to explore all night diners and food stops in South Philly cannot enter at Oregon or Snyder Avenues for free.

The free rides start at halftime and run until about two hours post game,or until the trains stop, Golden said. SEPTA has no way of knowing who went to the game so if you want to save $2.50 and you are in South Philly and need to get a train, it’s a great night for a walk from Oregon Ave. to Pattison Ave.

Golden said that this promotion will run for the season. The cost to park a vehicle at a SEPTA lot is under $5.00 A train ride is $2.50. For less than $7.00 Eagles fans can attend the game, and staff that work at the stadium can get a free ride home from work as well, and keep a few extra dollars in their pockets.