Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion -On Chemicals

Dear Friends,

      Did you have a chemistry set when you were young? Did you enjoy mixing those chemicals hoping to create something new? Did you end up being chastised for “Smelling up the entire house!” Did you take chemistry in school? Even if you really have no use for chemistry in your daily life are you impressed when MacGyver knows exactly what chemicals to mix, in what quantity, and how to get exactly the reaction he is looking for? I played with my chemistry set and I did take chemistry, later in my life while making movies (acting and stunt work) I was asked if I could do some special effects, I said sure. I ended up in charge of weapons, fight scenes, explosions, fires, and squibs (the small explosion taped to a person to simulate being shot complete with blood.) In answer to my own question, yes MacGyver does impress me, enough to make me think.

      Obviously there are many uses for chemicals, but, have we taken things too far? Let’s see; Chemicals to fertilize our food and make it bigger better. Feed for live stock, bigger cattle, bigger turkey breasts (how about more legs?) Larger chickens more meat, and more eggs. Let us look at the chemicals used to kill weeds – insects – rodents, is all this causing illness and death for humans?

      Your body is a natural, living, thing created with an immune system to protect itself, to fight off foreign, UN natural entities entering the body. When the body can no longer defend itself we are told we have had an allergic reaction to an ingredient. Check the side effects that are listed as “possible reactions”. When have you had a bad side effect taking mom’s chicken soup for a cold, hot tea with lemon and honey for stuffy sinuses, or a touch of Brio ski or baking soda for an upset stomach? How many of the old wives tales and grandma’s cures have brought you to wellness? Have you used icthamol for an infected wound, how about a mustard plaster for congestion affecting your breathing, or a simple vaporizer with Vick’s Vapo Rub?

      One last thought, if you have ever been treated with one of these “natural remedies” has any law firm contacted you to join a class action law suit for damages? Well I see it is dinner time we are dining on; tomato sandwiches, corn on the cob, and cole slaw, the ingredients were purchased from a farm where things are fertilized with natural fertilizers and weeds are controlled naturally. I will still take my multi vitamin from vegetable sources and my clove of raw garlic and thank Mother Nature for these things.


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