Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion-On Laws

by Paul Big Bear

Dear Friends,

       NEWS, North – East – West – South it is all around us. It comes to us in print, on radio, TV, electronic media, and conversation, sadly much of which consists of violence, man’s inhumanity to man, robbery, assault, and gun violence. Whether you are pro gun/anti gun or where you stand on the 2nd Amendment, the violence is out of control, “Three people were shot over night, police report one dead on the scene, two in critical condition, an 86 year old woman and a thirteen year old.” Stories like this go on and on, day after day, night after night, “42 casing were found on the scene. Police see no motive.” While politicians, lawyers, and prosecutors ask “How do we stop the violence?” Some have decided that the way to handle violence is to write more laws.

How many laws do we need? How many will it take to make people stop breaking the laws we keep writing? Why did they hang horse thieves? Not because a horse was stolen, rather to keep others from stealing a horse. Laws that go unenforced will not stop crime, especially when a motive is none existent! A random act of violence is just that impulses like that candy bar and gossip magazine you grab as you wait your turn to have your groceries rung up and bagged nothing more. You have no motive just random thrill with only one purpose immediate self satisfaction. “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”, this is a law of nature, “What goes up must come down” Action – reaction, it will never change. Crime and punishment; Study = pass, don’t study = fail, break the law go to jail. Go to jail and go free = do it again.

How many laws are already on the books, how many more should we write? I don’t see these laws being obeyed when we can’t obey Ten Commandments.