Police Bust “Philly Meatball” For Riots and Looting

by Alex Lloyd Gross

She called herself “meatball”. Her name is Dayjia Blackwell and police allege that she was one of the people calling the shot on the evening of civil unrest. She was allegedly on social media live streaming herself looting and telling her many followers where she was going to loot next.

Police said that this caused her many followers to join her and they allege that many did. Multiple cars drove around the areas and stores she said to go to. Many others followed those people. Much of the looting was coordinated by Blackwell, police said. On the night of September 26,2023 they became aware of her broadcast and set in motion a plan to arrest her.

As she sat in her vehicle at a gas station parking lot near the Forman Mills on Rising Sun Avenue, she was arrested. She was charged with Criminal Conspiracy, Burglary, Criminal Trespass, Criminal Mischief, Riot, Use of Communication Facility, Theft-RSPand Disorderly Conduct

In her live stream video that CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE , she is seen cursing and riding around. She is all smiles. In her mugshot, she is in tears.

Police reported over 50 arrests. Only three of those arrested were juveniles. Police are also tracking multiple vehicles that were stolen from a car lot in the Northeast. At least one of those vehicles was found in North Philadelphia.