Gang Of Miscreants Loot PC Richard In Northeast

For those that might not know, PC Richard is a large appliance store that sells TV’s and other electronics. You can watch the video of the gang of miscreants acting like common hood rats when they broke the window of the front door, then forced open the doors. Once inside, you can watch then scurry like cockroaches in daylight.

They grab televisions and other electronics. There is a term called hoodrat, which describes this gang to a T. The term can apply to anyone with low moral values. They know right from wrong but chose wrong. They are morally bankrupt. .Hoodrats come in all races, and all walks of life. This store was locked and closed for the night. The knew this and still chose to go in to steal.

Watch as one thief grabs a display television and slips on broken glass on his way out. In fact several stumble out of the store and some cannot carry the televisions they stole. Some start to venture deeper into the store, looking for things to steal. The one thing looters always forget about is the security footage that is recorded of them doing their deed.

Someone knows who these people are. Some are not wearing masks. Other think that if they take their masks off the cameras will not record them. All of them are now felons. Even if they did not take anything. The video shows the theft and then there are individual frame grabs of some of those that illegally gained entry.

Police need your help to identify the people in the video. If you know who they are, you are asked to call Northeast Detectives. You can get their contact info at the very end of the video.