Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion -On Guns and Voting

Dear Friends,

       As a youngster I was blessed to live in the country where every day I was able to; swim, fish, hike in the woods, camp out, cook a meal over an open fire, go hunting or just target practice. I made my own fishing poles until I was given a rod and reel with several hooks and lures. I made my own slingshots and bow and arrows. I was given a BB rifle and later a 22 caliber rifle. Most importantly I was taught to respect these weapons, to understand that they are not toys and required special care and handling. As I got older I took work in law enforcement where I was required to carry a weapon every day, 24 hours a day ready to serve, to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, which is a vow that I keep still.

       I am also an avid historian; it was a strong, armed militia that answered the call of freedom from England and countless times since; the Alamo, WWI, WWII, Korea, and Viet Nam the call of defending freedom has been answered by armed Americans. When Pearl Harbor was attacked the plan was to keep going and attack the west coast of America, although there were bombs floated into California on balloons and a few failed torpedoes employed it was not carried out as Japanese intelligence reported there was the largest armed militia in the world awaiting them, they were speaking of 170.000 licensed hunters in California. The sentiment was “We have awakened a sleeping giant!”

       As I listen to the “gun debates” I hear over and over that we need to stop the gun violence in this country and I agree, random killings in schools, malls, on the street must be stopped. Arresting those committing crimes with a gun is a great idea; putting them back on the street is not. The other solution is to pass more laws that place strict restraints and costs upon honest citizens. The second amendment states absolutely that American citizens have the right to bear arms. The first time armed citizens were called upon was when we declared war on “Taxation without representation” has that line from history been torn down are we are doomed to repeat history?

      I have errands to run today, I have my shopping club card, my driver’s license, my auto insurance and owners cards, my library card, my credit cards, my other identification cards all needed to complete my tasks. I also have my concealed carry permit that allows me to protect as I have sworn to do (except in those areas that are considered gun free zones that criminals consider easier targets). Yes honest citizens must have identification for everything they do, except vote. On Election Day we don’t need to show proof of who we are, so what can we do? Look at the facts, listen to the candidates, the law makers, law enforcement, elected officials, prosecutors, public officials and vote informed.

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