Thousands Attend Scaled Down Bensalem Fall Festival

by Alex Lloyd Gross

The Bensalem Fall Festival was held yesterday on the grounds of the township building. In spite of the date being pushed one day due to the threat of rain, thousands came out.

ALEX LLOYD GROSS Photo-Delaware Valley The police motorcycle drill team gets a warm up in before the crowds gather.

There were about six food trucks of which all did a brisk business. One left early. A canopy with tables and chairs was set up for people to sit and eat. Fire trucks were on display where kids of all ages could climb them and maybe get free stickers or fire helmets. With the police display, kids could try on SWAT gear or learn about the Crime Scene truck and what it’s contents are for.

ALEXLLOYD GROSS Photo-Delaware Valley A food truck selling french fries just as the festivalopens.They did a brisk business.

For smaller children, two bounce houses that were set up. Just up the grass plot, a petting zoo was taking place. Rabbits, a donkey, goats and ponies all got up close and personal with humans. Some of the animals were in a pen. Others were on a leash and tied to a ground stake. This allowed them to roam a bit but not too far. The petting zoon drew the second largest crowd there.

The first was the Bensalem Motorcycle Drill Team and K-9 show. If you never saw it before, it is comprised of the same officers on patrol, who do tricks and stunts on motorcycles, in a roped off portion of a remote parking lot on the township grounds. At dusk ,the Bachelor Boys . played a concert, followed by fireworks.

ALEX LLOYD GROSS Photo-Delaware Valley Children get to learn about the fire department at the fall festival.

What was missing and badly missed was the vendor area. This used to be set up near the stage. Dozens of people that have small businesses in and around the township, as well as non profit’s would set up tables to give away trinkets. It was there that members of the community could learn about individual businesses. Judging by multiple comments on social media, that aspect was sorely missed. That, and the car show.

The fall festival was not always referred to as the Bensalem Fall festival. It used to be Bensalem Pride Day. It was held at one of the local schools.

3 thoughts on “Thousands Attend Scaled Down Bensalem Fall Festival

  1. No one knew about the festival I live in Bensalem and didn’t know when they were having it no one knew they even had one this year it was not promoted like usual normally they promote it. I wanted to be a vendor but they don’t say anything about it until after the fact. Worse year ever normally people from the township let us know about it in advance especially the state rep. Next year gene has to help the new state rep post the event on her email newsletter

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