Local Halloween Trips For the Family

When it gets close to Halloween, people like to do things that are related to the holiday. Some want something scary. Others want a more family-oriented outing. People with small children may want to choose this option.

Shady Brook Farm in Lower Makefield Twp. is a good option if you have small children or do not want monsters jumping out of dark corners. In the daytime, you can go to a pumpkin patch and chose your own pumpkin right from the pumpkin patch. Or, you can stay in the pumpkin patch and try to spot the Great Pumpkin.

The Haunted Hayride has been replaced with a light show. You are load up onto a wagon and driven around to see illuminated Halloween themed lights. A haunted house, ghosts, cats and other interesting decorations await you. The monsters that used to jump out have gone elsewhere. There are a few animatronics but that is it.

The haunted barn and haunted house are still there but the scare is done with lights. Blacklight with neon paint shows life on another planet. Aliens are there but they are not real.

ALEX LLOYD GROSS Photo-Delaware Valley News.com The wagon will take you to see the light show.

There is a giant slide that you can use if you so dare. Quite a few people wait in line then chicken out at the last minute. Even more get back in line to go up multiple times.

Not all attractions are for everyone. Smaller children cannot do the slide and adults cannot ride the children’s bikes in during the race.

People that want to sit and relax by a campfire can do this. There are two options. Reserve your own spot or go to the general admission area and take your chances that a fire pit will be available. You can make smores or eat other Halloween treats.